How to Ice Skate for Beginners

How to Ice Skate for Beginners

Gliding across a frozen lake can be the dream for some but for a beginner it can be a daunting idea. Learning to ice skate can be a fun way to get out with the family and do something new and can be learned at any age. Many Olympic ice skaters started out at a young age and found a true love for the sport. All Year Sports makes bringing the joy of ice skating easy and affordable with our portable ice skating rinks.


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 What are the First Things Needed for Beginners

First things first, you will want to start out with a pair of comfortable ice skates. Skates can come in many shapes and sizes as well as skates for beginners and advanced skaters. Beginners should make sure the skates fit snug and rise up to the ankle. Once purchased the shoes will be stiff so it is important to make sure to break them in, also make sure to wear high, thick socks while breaking in the skates to make sure no blisters form. Tying your skates tight and tucking the laces into the skate will ensure that they will not interfere when skating. As one progresses in skill, more advanced and faster skates can be used. 



Getting on the Ice

Once you have chosen the right skates, the next step is to get on the ice! When first stepping on the ice it can feel unnatural, at this point you want to focus on getting your balance and being able to stand up-right without falling (wearing thick clothing and a helmet may be a good idea during your first attempts. Remember, bumps and bruises are part of the fun!). Once you feel comfortable standing it is time to get moving.  Begin by bending your knees and leaning slightly forward, with your dominant foot begin to push off the ice and take strides almost as if you are walking. You will begin to glide on the ice; your speed depends on how hard you push as well as how many pushes you take. Once you get moving you should try to maintain a comfortable speed until you get the feel for moving across the ice.




Like all objects that are in motion, you must eventually come to a stop. There are two simple ways to stop while skating and both work just as well, it only depends on what you are comfortable with. The first way to stop is to use the teeth on the front of the blade of your skates; normally there are 3 teeth at the tip of the blade. Simply drag your foot behind you on those teeth and you will come to a slow but complete stop. The second way would be to drag your entire blade perpendicular across the ice until coming to a complete stop. Once you get the hang of one of those steps, there is a more advanced way to stop, which involves turning your body to one side and leaning into the ice, but we can leave that to the professionals.

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