Installation is quick and easy!


Super-Glide® is not only the best artificial ice skating surface for both temporary and permanent skating rinks and facilities, but it is also specifically designed for quick and easy installation. Each panel creates to perfection on computer controlled equipment for a perfect fit every time. Our panels designed to be installed easily without any special tools or construction knowledge.

Home or commercial synthetic ice Skating Rinks
Our artificial ice skating surface is a great option for home use. Any flat space can become a home skating rink. A garage, a basement, a spare room, or even the back yard will work. The skating surface is sold as a kit with a minimum of four panels.

Installation is quick and easy using the full installation instructions in the owner’s manual that comes with each kit. Information on care and maintenance of the synthetic ice skating surface is also included in the owner’s manual. Note that installation may require underlayment or subfloor and it is not included in our kit.
As you can see, our synthetic ice rink surface is the ultimate synthetic ice solution for any and all artificial ice skating facilities from a small home practice rink to a full size commercial rink. Installation is quickly and easily accomplished by yourself, or an independent contractor.