Portable Ice Rink Rentals

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Portable Ice Skating Rink

Thousands of skaters have enjoyed the services provided by All Year Sports Galaxy. No matter where our portable ice rink rental is installed, the response is spectacular! All Year Sports Galaxy is the largest provider of temporary and portable synthetic ice rinks! Our portable ice skating rinks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

All of our equipment is available for short-term or long-term ice skating rink rental. You can choose one day, weekend or long-term special events for your company or organization. Our portable ice skating rinks will become the focal point of your fabulous party or major publicity event! Portable ice rink rental pricing is determined by the size of the ice floor, length of the contract, time of the year and destination.

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Check this table for information on different sizes, number of skaters and how many skates you will get with each size of the portable ice skating rink.


Other sizes available, please let us know what size you may need. Custom sizes available upon request.

Portable Ice Skating Rink Ice Skating Rink Rental


We serve all over Continental United States and Canada. Check our Gallery to view images of our previous events!

Client Responsibilities:

  1. Provide with flat, hard and level surface. If surface is irregular, subfloor installation will be offered for extra cost.
  2. Provide digital photo of the area from different angles.
  3. Provide with parking for loading/unloading and for parking truck before/during/after event.
  4. Holiday decorations must be approved by All Year Sports Galaxy personnel.
  5. If indoors, minimum 4’ door clearance, 8’ elevator. If steps involved and delivery trolly cant be used at anytime, extra charge will apply for labor.
  6. Average ice rink installation time 3 hours (if no subfloor involved), dismantling rink 2 hours. Add 2-3 hours extra for subfloor installation.
  7. Property owner approval note. Please be advise, property owner will receive insurance certificate as additional insured for the duration of the event.
  8. Provide with correct wording for insurance documents. Any changes to insurance will be at extra costs.
  9. Electricity, water access is not necessary, unless client would like to use any special effects or sharpening services. (Highly recommended)