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portable roller skating rink


Portable Roller Rink Rental Includes:

Roller Flooring, Skates, DJ lights, Music, Changing Benches, Tables, Waivers.

You can add extras:

Fencing around the rink for safety; Tent for rental skates; Snow or fog machines; Subfloor for uneven and “soft” areas.

What size of the rink you will get?

Any size available! Colleges and Schools usually rent up to 40 x 60 roller rink. Size can be modified according to your space. Larger roller skating rinks are available!

How many skates will come with the roller rink?

Usually we bring up to 100 pairs of different sizes. Inline and Derby skates are in stock!

All rinks come covered with a liability insurance policy. All renters will get an additional insured certificate.


Can be installed indoors or outdoors. (weather permitting) Surface must be hard and flat. Grass areas are acceptable when adding subfloor to the package.

Time for installation: up to 2 hours

Time for removal: up to 1 hour


Professional operators will be operating your rink. Event can be up to 6 hours with Operators included!

Volunteers are appreciated but not required. All volunteers will receive a gift!

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roller rink rentals
roller skating rink rentals