Roller Rink Sales

Thinking of Building Your Own Roller Court?

Indoor Installation

Indoor Roller Court

– Durable surface that will exceed your expectations.

Heavy Surface Structure

– Uses modern technologies. Our top surface layer is the thickest in the business. It makes our tile floors the strongest in its class. Improved strength combined with extra thickness on top means less stress marks on the playing surface from pounding of hockey sticks or other athletic equipment.

Reduce Noise

– How? Because our tiles have the highest density in its class.

Precise, Tight Connectors

– Our tile connectors provide perfect flatness from tile to tile to ensure perfection in skating and puck handling. The result is virtually seamless and smooth sliding from one end of the rink to the other.

No Wax Finish

– Reduces the visibility of marks and skid marks which drastically reduces maintenance. It also means your floor will stay more beautiful for a longer period of time even with extensive and heavy use.

Low Maintenance

– Roller courts have the playability and feel of hardwood without the hardwood price. It cannot be damaged by water or any moisture. Its an economical choice for all multi-purpose flooring needs.

Highest and Best Performance Indoor Tiles

– Best performance to price! Don’t settle for less and enjoy one of the best surfaces for inline skating!

Outdoor Installation

ProStep Tilepro-step-tile

– Performance Traction Design

– High Grip Ratio

– Maximum Flexion Rating

– Surface Expansion Technology

– The Serious Sports Tile

SoftStep Tilesoft-step-tile

– The multi-use level Sports tile

– Triple FleXtraction Design

– Unique Interlocking System

– Skate Design Technology

– Non Abrasive Finish

Product Benefits

Both products offer the same important flexion characteristics.

– 3/4” thick tiles with highest level of shock-absorption
– Surface Expansion Technology for All-Weather athletic performance
– Ultimate level of sports performance for basketball, deck and inline hockey.
– High durability, impact stability rating
– Fast drainage and Low Heat Radiation
– No adhesives or anchors required
– Long term surface appeal. Cover cracks, puddles and stains
– Custom Logos and Graphics