Date:March 16, 2012


Corporate Holiday Events! Winter Festivals! School Events! Shopping Malls! City Celebrations! Private Parties! TV Production! Bar Mitzvah! Parades and Festivals! Museums! Non-Profit Organizations! Colleges and Universities! Fundraising Activities!

Corporate Holiday events! Promotional events! Charity events!

Thousands of skaters have enjoyed the services provided by All Year Sports Galaxy. No matter where our rink is installed, the response is spectacular! All Year Sports Galaxy is the only provider in the area of temporary and portable synthetic ice rinks! Different shapes and sizes of the rinks available! With all equipment available for short-term rental! You can choose one day or weekend special event for your company or organization. Focal point for a fabulous party, major publicity event!!! Rental pricing is determined by the size of the floor, length of the rental, time of year and destination.

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Installation requirements:

Indoors or outdoors

  • Level site is required
  • 2-6 hours installation, 2-4 hour removal
  • Deposit required to confirm rink booking
  • No water, No electricity required
  • Uneven surfaces will need our subfloor (grassy area, dirt, gravel, ext)


We serve all over Continental United States and Canada!
We already had successful events in the following states!
Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania!

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New in 2010!

Now we serve California and West Coast too!!

Other sizes available! Custom sizes available!

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