Date:March 16, 2012


Hockey rinks! Figure skating! Public skating! Goalie Training system! All-Star System! Home rinks! Commercial rinks!

All Year Sports Galaxy is an authorized dealer for SuperGlide Synthetic ice rink  system! We can sell, rent or install Superglide Synthetic ice rink systems for home or commercial use.


Super-Glide is not only the best artificial ice skating surface for both temporary and permanent skating rinks and facilities, but it is also specifically designed for quick and easy installation. Each Super-Glide panel is milled to perfection on computer controlled equipment for a perfect fit every time. Super-Glide is designed to be assembled easily without any special tools or construction knowledge.

Designed for Commercial applications, created to replace real ice. Any size facility is assembled without any other parts. Outdoor facilities are no problem since panels go together with new “seamless technology” that controls expansion and contraction and eliminates movement in all directions. The new lighter 1/2 inch panels make installation a breeze drastically reducing set-up time. This is the most advanced skating surface, proudly designed by the leaders in the Synthetic Ice Industry.

Great for hockey and figure skating practices.

  • Panel Size:
  • 4’ x 8’ x 0.5”; 78 lbs (121.9 cm x 243.8 cm x 1.27cm; 35.38kg)


Learn more about Heavy Duty Ice panels here

Great for affordable indoor/outdoor home skating, designed to go together and stay together, no other parts are needed, sets up on any hard, flat, smooth surface (cement, wood, etc.) with new seamless technology. Designed to reduce shipping costs for the home owner, extremely easy to put together.

Great for hockey and figure skating practices. Practice at your home, no money spending for gas, or ice time!!

  • Panel Size:
  • 4’ x 4’ x 0.5”; 35 lbs (121.9 cm x 121.9 cm x 1.27cm; 15.88kg)


Perfect for practicing Stick-Handling, Forehand Passing, Backhand Passing, Retrieving the puck from your skates, shooting & one timing the puck.

  • Panel Size:
  • 6’ x 12’ x 0.25”; 99lbs (182.9 cm x 365.76 cm x 0.64cm; 44.9kg)



Practice Goalie skills at home. A surface you can use skates and practice with full equipment, a shooting pad is provided for a person to shoot the puck at the goalie from any distance and angle. Front edges cut at 45-degree angle for tip shot practice.

  • Panel Size:
  • 9’ x 15’ x 0.5” (274.3 cm x 457.2 cm x 1.27cm