The Possibilities

Imagine an ice rink at your event: Your guests enter wide-eyed, amazed to see an actual ice skating rink where there hadn’t been one before. Adults and children alike are delighted. They can’t wait to use the skates provided to test out the unbelievable synthetic ice. Maybe you decided to have a snow machine so real snow falls on guests as they skate. Or maybe you chose to entertain with a professional figure skating performance, or to offer ice hockey lessons for your guests.

All Year Sports Galaxy provides all of this and more! No matter what kind of skating experience you choose to have at your event, you can be sure that it will create unforgettable memories for everyone!

The Possibilities Possibilities

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What Is Synthetic Ice?

Synthetic ice is a high-tech plastic that you can skate on. It is eco-friendly and made from a non-toxic, recyclable acrylic material. We use the world’s best synthetic ice skating surface composed of specially engineered polymers that allow a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice.

Click here to find more information on synthetic ice and differences among the various surfaces.

Did you ever imagine you could have an ice rink in your backyard, basement or driveway? Well, imagine the possibility now!

Skate anytime, anywhere and in any weather or climate. All Year Sports Galaxy makes it possible for you to have the luxury of skating 24/7, right at home—inside or out!

Our affordable synthetic ice rinks are made from panels, so you can customize your own ice rink to a size that fits your location and budget.

Choose from our “home” panels or “commercial grade”, depending on your needs. Click here for more information about installation of our ice rinks system.

The benefits of a personal own synthetic ice rink are endless. In addition to unlimited fun and exercise, your own ice rink will save you time and money by eliminating long and expensive trips to the local ice rink. You can also spend more time throughout the day and the year improving your skills and perfecting your technique. It’s easier than ever to make ice skating a daily activity for the whole family!