What to Wear When Going Ice Skating?



What to Wear When Going Ice Skating?

Choosing the right clothes is important for any activity, but none as much as ice skating. Usually done in the winter months, it is necessary to have the appropriate clothing on. There are a number of clothing options to choose from and making sure that you are comfortable and protected from the elements are two important factors to think about when making that decision.


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I Want to be Comfortable

Making sure that you are comfortable is key to being able to relax and enjoy your time skating. You want to make sure your clothes are both warm yet flexible. Remember skating is a physical activity; you will build up heat in your body just by moving! A good idea is to keep it simple, a good pair of jeans and a few layers on top will be all you need. You will be warmer than you think! By layering up on top you will make sure to keep your core warm, and since your legs are the ones doing most of the work, they will warm themselves up!




I Want to be Protected

Protection and comfort aren’t always two things that go together. There are times when you need to lose a little of one to have the other. Fortunately, when it comes to skating, the protection can be simpler. When thinking about protection you want to focus on the areas that will receive the most impact. For skating it would mostly be your head, knees and hands. In the even of a fall one of these body parts will most likely endure impact. Luckily, with today’s technology there are many ways to effectively and efficiently protect those areas. One way to make sure your knees don’t get too beat up is wearing knee pads. They even make them thin enough so you can hide them under your jeans so no one can see! The next step is your hands. When falling, putting out our hands is our first automatic response to brace ourselves for impact. Simply by wearing a good thick pair of mittens you will make sure your hands are not only warm but also more importantly safe from getting scratched up on the ice. Of course we cannot forget the most important body part of them all, the head. We recommend beginning skaters wear helmets to ensure their heads are protected in case of a fall.


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Benefits of Skating On Synthetic Ice

Being able to skate on a synthetic ice rink allows one to avoid many of the clothing decisions that come with harsh winters. By being able to bring the ice rink indoor you are able to enjoy ice-skating in a climate controlled environment. Gone is the need for all that big, fluffy clothing to stay warm.

Ice can present many problems for a skater who is not experienced. Ice can also present a problem when it begins to crack. Being that it is a very hard substance, cracked ice can be sharp and also present unwanted obstacles to both beginning and expert skaters. Synthetic ice provides a controlled surface that is not bound by the laws of natural ice. Because the plastic paneling is softer than real ice it will insure that no cracks that will impede the skating experience. Synthetic ice rinks provided the ability to skate no matter what the temperature or conditions. No more waiting for the ice to be just right!

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